Tuesday, April 23, 2013

question and answer on kumanthong golden boy 問題和答案古曼童泰國佛牌

Q: Why there are so many types of kumanthong?
A: Humans also many character. Kumanthong also origin from human. so do you think they will has different types?

質問: 為什麼有這麼多種類的古曼童

回復:人類也有許多不同的性格類型 .古曼童也從人類起源。所以你認為他們將有不同的類型嗎?

Q: I 1st time hear this types of kumanthong thai amulet.
A: you never heard before does not mean it does not exist. There are millions of planet outside still unknown.
Blame on the ignorance of us. The best way to learn is to be humble. I am still learning.


Q: What make you think this kumanthong is powerful?


A: Every time before I go to a master to get a amulet or recommend a amulet, I has a fixed formula to define that this master is powerful or this master is capable to make kumanthong or capable to make a specific amulet. This formula is derived from years of experiences, buyers feedback and most importantly, teach by various senior skillful magical masters. No doubt, many kumanthong or many magical items can cause backfire. Thus, whenever I chose to visit a master for his kumanthong amulet, I use this formula to test that these kumanthong are safe and powerful! Thus, you see that the kumanthong that I has introduced came with many interesting facts and information. The reason is because during the testing of the formula on the golden boy thai amulet, the sustainability reports show the facts. You see, my direction is want a better everyday life for the the buyers. I do not want them to get a amulet that has more harm than helps. Then, in the 1st place, get the thai amulet from me is meaningless.

Q: What is the formula?
A: Email regarding this will be ignore.

Q: I am still quite worry on this kumanthong.
A: buyers will be given 3 documents.

 1) mantra to communicate with him or control him or get him to work.
 2) how to handle him, things to take note
3) how to position your wish, how to make your prayers.

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