Monday, July 8, 2013

Another Happy buyer (WHY YOU CAN, AND MANY PEOPLE CAN'T) (你肯定能做到, 很好的反饋)

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Hey bro, I just wanna write a feedback about how awesome your stuff are. The pong gan amulet first,  as you know , my problem with the girl I am interested in.. after using the pong gan amulet she started to msg me suddenly, this was the start!. Then I got from you the silver takrut for holding a person's heart,  she grew more interested in me and started msging me first sometimes which was a big improvement as u know a lot of guys are after her as well.haha.also the energy has been increasing since I got it on the first day as I had updated you awhile ago. Hahaha.. then it happened when I got the black takrut, after we went clubbing I sent her home and she was ok with it, but she suddenly grabbed my arm as we walked together and later on I held her hand and she was ok with it. She even allowed me to go into her house.(ok you might think it was the influence of alcohol)  Hahaha. Anyway I just met her today again and we talked 
For hours without realizing it was suddenly 2.15am and I walked her home, but when we were chatting she put her head on my shoulder suddenly sometimes and when I held her hand she was alright with it. She even smiles when I do it. (Was totally sober )  .Yup bro thats about it, your stuff even worked on such a tough girl as I had told you on the past few times we met about this issue.  As usual your stuff has not disappointed me all these years. Hahaha thanks again.

我只是想告訴你,你的東西是多麼有用。使用後她開始突然和我聯繫,這是開始。然後,我從你的銀泰國佛教護身符偷一個人的心,她變得更感興趣的是我開始和我聯繫,這是對我非常好,因為你知道很多男人都是她感興趣。然後,它發生時,我買了黑色的泰國佛牌後,我們去喝酒,我把她送回家,她突然抓住我的手臂,我們走在一起。後來我拉著她的手,她允許它。她甚至讓我到她家去. 是啊老兄多數民眾贊成它。在這樣一個艱難的女孩,你的東西,也有效。像往常一樣,你的東西在所有這些年來沒有讓我失望。哈哈哈再次感謝。

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