Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Speechless Thank (mercury charm)

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Hi bro,

I just want to say thank you very much with my heart: I received the mercury bead amulet a few days ago and I'm just amazed.

我只想說非常感謝你從我的心臟:前幾天,我收到了Mercury Charm,我只是感到驚訝。

We know each other for a few years now, and you know that just like you, I'm only interested in real powerful amulets. Sometime we find some good ones, sometime some powerful ones, but this one is just
extraordinary. I'm just speechless and out of words to describe what I felt when I entered in contact with it.


Let me share with you a few experiences I already had with it; I do practice daily meditation for many years now, and I know that it is not so easy to get a deep peaceful state of mind for a longtime during practice. So, I had a huge surprise when I put the bead on the top of my head for the very 1st time. Bro, the spiritual vibrations were so strong! In a very short period of time I was completely calm & relaxed; concentrated & focused as after practicing hours of meditation.


I felt a very special kind of concentration, notably during the chants of mantras... Wow... a real special sacred object indeed. I would say there something divine in it... very high good spiritual vibrations.


And here is another story: a few days later I've been stung by a wasp on my hand. My hand became really big and painful during the night. When I woke up I knew something was going wrong, my hand was even bigger and painful ( I guess this was an infection); so I put some herbal medicines and balm on it but nothing really happened so... I decided to follow my intuition and I did what was written in the mail you sent me concerning the use of the bead. I put it directly on my hand during the night and made a little massage with it.


 Guess what?  The morning after my hand was nearly normal and the pain has completly disappeared. A few hours later my hand was normal again. It is hard to say but I felt the powerful healing vibrations of this sacred bead. Wow...this is something special.


I will stop here for now, but from my heart I'd like to thank you Nayan also for the white ashes you gave me as a gift. By the way: what is it &  how am I supposed to use them ? (for now I put them on my altar under a Buddha Statue).

Best regards,

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