Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Why you like to be a fool? (the unseen eye) 看不见的眼睛

Are you a fool? I don’t think you will think you are a fool. 
BUT I WAS VERY VERY SURE YOU WAS FOOLED BEFORE which make you like a fool. 

Being cheated in your feelings?
Being cheated in your trust to your love ones?
Being taken for a ride by your boss?
Being taking for granted by your customer?

To be frank, I hate being treated by a fool! 
How I wish I have the power of a unseen eye to know and see what the peoples around me are thinking? 
Who is treating me as a fool and who really treat me as a friend?
Can I make her change her thoughts to become my lover even she treat me like a fool? 
Can I bend my boss mind to increase my pay even thought I know he take me for a ride?

Finally, my prayer is being heard…

The unseen eye charm thai amulet to see the truth is here to help endless women and men to stop being treated like a fool


This item is blessed with the magic power of helping you to see the “truth”.
This item will give you the Insight and foresight of life, and gently steer you into the right direction of your life!
This item will give you wisdom and can make a fool wise.



When you start using this “unseen eye charm”, you will :

Feel the energy flow through your entire being, infiltrating your subconscious with awesome positive vibrations.

Feel your head clear, bringing clarity and courage that will invigorate you.

Think about the person you love and transfer your loving thoughts to them!




Concentrate on someone who has tried to undermine you, perhaps destroy you. 

Soon this person will feel negative energy flow through their veins.

DAMN! Why is this item so damn powerful?




This unseen eye charm consist of 2 main source of DRAWING energy:

1)  cloth that cover the eye of the death people to see the world
2) The nail that nail the coffin that house death people to the earth.



The cloth will add as a massage cloth and bring to the death people, and the death people will help you see all the truth for you! You will start to able see all the ugly truth of humans, beautiful lie told by your spouse, the trick use by your boss to trick your time to help him to earn money!


The nail will make them bend their mind towards you which will treat you with respect.


You want to know your boss is genuine appreciate you and giving you pay raise soon or using you as a stepping stone for better employees? Many people are being fired from company after the boss got a better person than you!
With “unseen eye”, No more!
Make them appreciate your work at workplace; give you the pay raise you deserve!


Know your husband is lying? He told you he is working late, but in truth, he is hugging other girls!
With “unseen eye”, No more!
Bend his mind and make him come home after work!

Know your wife is cheating you? She told you she is with friends, but in truth, she is in a hotel with another guy!
With “unseen eye”, No more!
Bend her thoughts and and stir up love and passion for you!

Know your lover real intention with you? Pure love or only want sex with you or want cheat your money  only want to take you for a ride?
With “unseen eye”, stop becomes a love victim!

Do you want to know the person you meet is your business competitor or Future customer? If that person is a spy from your competitor, want take him for a ride?
With “unseen eye”, you got the power!
The cloth is tie into the Mystic Knot to give you endless good luck.

The Mystic Knot is one of the most often used symbols in magic world . Being a combination of six times the infinity symbol, this knot symbolizes a long and happy life full of good luck. Mystic knot is sometimes referred to as the endless knot, because it looks like it swallows its own tail.

In Buddhism, the mystic knot is one of the 8 magical auspicious objects. This symbol implies there is no beginning and no ending, reflecting Buddhist philosophy of endless rounds of birth and rebirth. This mystic knot represents a harmonious flow of auspicious energy uninterrupted by any setbacks, accidents or misfortunes.

It is believed that the presence of this mystic knot will benefit every aspiration of your life.

If you're ready for a loving relationship, prosperity and ultimate happiness, take possession of this mystical amulet and get ready for a remarkable change in your life Now!

Around the coffin mail is a forceful charm that will force idea into people mind and make them bend their thoughts towards your benefits.

This forceful hand written charm is a enhancement to the coffin nail to make this charm work like a magic, change that person's decision as you wish.

If you are frustrated of all the cheating from the shameless people around you, and want to turn the table around to cast the foolish look back to them, look no further.

The power of choice now in front of you!


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