Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Black magic

SINGAPORE - Sin Chew Daily reported that a girl, believed to be under a spell, was dressed in a red costume and put in a golden coffin for three hours in a cemetery in Singapore.

The parents spent $30,000 for the entire "funeral" to get rid of the "spell", it said.

The 20-year-old student underwent the ceremony after her character changed few months earlier and she could not even recognize her own parents.Her family believed that she was under a spell.

The is another sad story which happen to a black magic victim.

There used to be a happy family.

The head of family is a good husband, good father and good son.
Always bring his family out for dinner, take care of his wife and children well.
Work hard to bring happiness to the family, take good care of his old parents.
Then 1 day, his workplace came a new female friend.
From that day, his family night mare begin.
That female girl like him.
The female friend look for a master and cast a spell on him.
The guy keep going out with her.
Give her all his income and money.
Neglect his family, and do not even give his old mother and father money to see doctor when they are sick!
Due to long term sickness, his father died.
Then the man is so crazy about the girl that he listen to her and divorce with his wife and give up on his old mother, poor children and
give up the family.

Lucky, the wife know of a powerful master. She approach the master

He pass her 1 of this remove black magic,chase bad luck,rebound bad stabber amulet.

He say, take this thai amulet and make holy water.
Then give him drink!
The holy water will chase away the devil in his mind, detox the dirty spell in this body, and wake him up!

Then wife try and true enough, a few day later, the husband came back to her and regret for his action.

The master told me to introduce this item to those victim of black magic or being processed by spirit or being haunt by bad luck.

The master say: Use this thai amulet to cleanse your body, connect to the higher power for your luck.

Then after your mind, body and soul is being cleanse, use the fire tiger thai amulet (super powerful thailand amulet (protection and luck)to block it! To prevent yourself from unnecessary attack or stain with bad luck again!

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