Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bomoh whips duo to rid them of evil spirits

A MOTHER and daughter, who suffered from migraine, went to a female bomoh who caned them in a bizarre treatment to rid them of evil spirits.

The bomoh began the treatment by asking the 19-year-old to lie down while she whipped her with a cane until she screamed in pain.

When the mother attempted to stop the beatings, the bomoh started to hit her instead and threatened to kill her for disrupting the treatment, Harian Metro reported. Eventually, the teenager had to be taken to a hospital where the doctor advised them to lodge a police report.

Police detained the bomoh who is in her 50s.

The daily quoted a police source as saying that the bomoh had to be left alone in a lock-up because she went amok and rambled away, frightening the other detainees.

Several police personnel also complained that they encountered ghosts ever since the bomoh was detained on Aug 2.

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Source: Asiaone

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