Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Another happy person


I just want to let you know that your items have shown great results even when I've only gotten it a week ago.

One time I give me grey colour guman sweets, he went to play with the sweets. I went out of my room, came back, and the sweets was arranged in a very neat line! It's amazing! I got a shock cuz I have never experienced such obvious results for my spirit items! And he helped me win a lot of money when I gamble with my friend. The moment I told him "if you me, I will buy you sweets, if I lose, no sweets for you", next round I won maximum already!!! Hahaha!

Then I when I wear the wax and phra chai amulet, I actually got a girl trying to seduce me and touching me everywhere! And other girls keep giving sly smiles. Now I'm a bit scared by the power result man! Cuz I'm attached and don't plan to cheat. The girl still keep contacting me. Last time she don't care about me one and say I not good looking some more. Now the tables are turned.

Thanks bro, for selling me genuine and powerful Thai amulets! I will come back! Highly recommended for everyone!


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