Sunday, February 20, 2011

5 police being cursed by black magic???

Recently, five Malaysian policemen had a black magic curse sent to them. The curse is known as the "santau katak puru" which literally means "frog knot voodoo" and involves a frog which was placed in the homes of the policemen. If the frog died, the policemen would also die.

It’s quite dangerous to be a policeman in Malaysia. Not only are policemen in Malaysia threatened physically by criminals, they may also fall victim to black magic curses as what happened to five Malaysian policemen recently.

The frightening thing about the black magic curse that befell the five policemen is that the perpetrator didn’t need any belongings from the five men to be able to cast the black magic spell upon them. The perpetrator can simply bury a hex beneath the victim’s house and some strange illness will infect him.

This is what happened to the five policemen. They fell ill and their stomach became bloated and they had chronic stomach ache. Doctors couldn’t find anything wrong with them so they resorted to a traditional shaman.

The shaman confirmed their fears that a black magic curse had been cast upon all five of them and it’s known as “santau katak puru” or frog knot voodoo.

A “santau” is a traditional Malay black magic curse which is so powerful that it can be sent to the victim without the perpetrator having any belongings of the victim. It’s the most feared way of being cursed.

The five policemen suspected that they’ve been cursed by a criminal whom they’ve managed to apprehend on suspicion of motorcycle theft. The criminal had since been out on bail and that is when he sent the black magic curse upon the five policemen.

In this modern times and scientific advances, we can still see people resorting to black magic in order to accomplish goals that usually involve fame, fortune and glory. Instead of working hard, they want a short cut. Instead of facing the charges for a crime, the above criminal sent a black magic curse on his accusers.There should be a way that Malaysian policemen can protect themselves from all attacks; be it physical or spiritual and perhaps a new legislation that can deal with black magic curses should be enforced otherwise we will find that black magic practitioners will be able to not only get away with many crimes, they may also be able to control our politicians and judges and what would become of Malaysia if that happens?

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