Tuesday, February 8, 2011

keep a golden spirit child with you for guidance

What is this golden child spirit all about?

They are child beings of the ghost realm who are converted to Buddhism by the monks who made the roop/ bucha. Using the roop/ bucha as their temporary body, they must try to earn enough merit (by helping their owner or otherwise) to be reborn into a higher realm.

Venerating a thai amulet golden child spirit is no different from taking care of a child. An owner must not only clothe & feed it diligently (through daily offerings), but should communicate with it whenever possible also. Let them hear recitations of the Dhamma & as the child spirit gains right understanding, it will progress quickly and eventually be liberated from its ghostly form.

If a person could really take care of such a them well, it will help its benefactor fulfill their wholesome wishes in this life & the next. Even after they are reborn, they will still come back somehow to be of service.

Therefore those who own them should have the right motivation in order to earn merit for oneself as well as for the spirit.

What are the benefit of having them:

1. He can watch the house for his owners when they are away and warn them in case of danger.

2. He is a spirit which could help to solve difficulties in the owners' business.

3. He could help you get useful news and information in your business. In this point the owners must have strong mind in order to develop a kind of telepathy with golden spirit child. He could also whisper to the mind of his owner to warn him in case of danger. Sometimes golden spirit child comes to talk to you in your dream and sometimes through a medium.

4. He will protect you from danger, disaster, and evil spirit.

5. He could be a weapon used to destroy the enemy. Nowadays we can hardly find any kind of golden spirit child who has this power. But, sometimes golden spirit child can help us to stay away from danger and people who want to destroy us.

6. He could add you charm, act as love charm

7. He can bring you good luck, act as good luck charm

8. He can increase advantage in your business by inviting the customers to your stores, act as wealth charm

The master who create this told me that this golden spirit child is converted to a thai amulet by him and more than 108 high power masters in a very powerful ceremony.
To make this thai amulet very effective and active in "working for the owner", he add in the bones of this small child so that the connection will be easier and work faster and more effectively.

So How effective is this amulet?

I has received a email from the buyers about them and below is 1 of the feedback:


I just want to let you know that your items have shown great results even when I've only gotten it a week ago.

One time I give me grey colour guman sweets, he went to play with the sweets. I went out of my room, came back, and the sweets was arranged in a very neat line! It's amazing! I got a shock cuz I have never experienced such obvious results for my spirit items! And he helped me win a lot of money when I gamble with my friend. The moment I told him "if you me, I will buy you sweets, if I lose, no sweets for you", next round I won maximum already!!! Hahaha!



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