Wednesday, February 9, 2011

For sure powerful stuff

That day I was at the restaurant eating my meal when a group of thais ( red army) walk in.
Then as the restaurant is crowded that time, they share sits with me.
Slowly, we got into conversation.
They ask me why I am here.
I say i am here to find some good masters, thai amulet.
They look very surprise. They ask me find masters for what.
I say, that my interest. I has deep interest in thai magic. To able to talk or study powerful masters, is always my wish.
Then suddenly, 1 of them stand out, put his hand into his pocket and seen trying to dig out something. After which, he take out a metal scroll.
He say, look at this. I pass to 1 of my thai friend beside me, he hold it, do some chanting and open his big eyes and ask the man, "hey, where you get this, the energy is extremely very strong!".
That man told me that there is this master, who write very strong mantra into metal scroll, and is use for protection. It has safe his life before!

Thai security forces shoot towards Red Shirt protesters in their encampment

He recalled; he say that day, they are confront by the army, exchange fires, bullets flying around. Then. there was 1 guy, just a few meters away open fire at him, he was thinking he will be hit for sure.

Then when he heard the gun fire sound, he was surprise he was not hitted.

He turn around and the person beside him was hitted!!!

A Red Shirt protester who had been shot in the head is carried into a hospital

He is very very surprised. How can that soldier miss him and shoot the guy behind him who was much further away?
When he discuss with his friends, they told him the same thing. 1 of them even told him that when he being confronted, the soldier weapon suddenly spoil. Bullet get stuck in the gun!
After much thoughts, they start to discover that they are all wearing this master powerful protection amulet!

After hearing that, I go and find the master immediately. I talk to the master and tell him how I know him. He told me that he had received many visitors who came to Thank him for making such powerful stuff which had saved their lives!
He told me that he is not standing on any side, not standing on yellow side or red side, but he is standing on peace side. he discourage on war or fighting. Despite on his discourage on fighting, there are always fights in the countries. So he decided to make powerful protection charm for people to wear so that they can free from harm!

All the charm are hand written by him. He told me that he chant while write and after write, he chant again. After all is finish, he will chose a auspicious date to bless again.
He told me that all these charm are prepare with serious effort and cannot be treated carelessly because anyone of them can save lives! I am very touch by the master words.

Thanks!I collected yr amulet&like it alot.when I touch the amulet like those energy running through my body.goodness!:)

5 great thing about this powerful protection thai amulet:

1) very good to protect you from harm

2) very powerful

3) Proven effective

4) can be place in bags or pocket

5) not need to reciate any mantra to for it to work because it is already blessed to works wonders!

Get this powerful protection charm today for yourselves and your love ones to guard against all dangers and accident!

Accidents do happen, and they are many times unavoidable. However, you can protect yourself ! if you experience an accident that puts you in hardship physically, medically, or materially from the results, then you will suffer more!

It pays to be prepared for the unprepared.

It pays to be prepared for the unprepared.


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