Sunday, September 4, 2011

Another Happy Person

lp ding takrut really power, helped me siam danger many times already.this year is a very bad year for me cause i clash with tai shui i think. so i had many problems and mostly is those many many minor problems that add up that makes it irritating.
recently as you know i went to malaysia, i had a dream while on the airplane that i'll bump into a pregnant woman and the woman will make a scene. i didnt take it to heart and guess what? later on i really bump into a irritating pregnant lady that made a scene at a food court. after that i always take those dreams seriously and so far i have manage to overcome many obstacles.:) i wear the takrut to sleep everyday. This takrut really gd for 6 sense, although you say it is for wealth, i think it is like lp amulet, which is a all rounder amulet and gd protection as well.


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