Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Question and Answer on fire tiger thai amulet

Question:I had lost my fire tiger amulet and I am a muslim.
Can you help me ask master Cum?


I has a few buyers who has the same experience. That time has already ask master. Master say below are few causes:

1) the fire tiger has help you block some negative energy like spiritual attack

2) the fire tiger has help u block some bad luck or accident

3) its human carelessness to misplace it

I has ask him that time. He told me Thai magic is compassion, will help anyone regardless of religious.

So Muslim people can wear his fire tiger.

I got a buyer who dream of stroking a tiger at his dream. The next day, when he step out of his house, he think of his fire tiger thai amulet. He touch his pocket and forget to bring out, just after he turn back his house to get his fire tiger thai amulet, a loud sound came out. Its is a sound of someone open a gun!
He told me that if he did turn back to get to get his fire tiger thai amulet, he would has been died!


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