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How to pray effectively

How to pray effectively

There are many people who don’t know how to pray effectively. Thus, end up, they cannot receive the full effect from their prayers and instead of reflecting on their karma, action speech and mind, they blame the cause of failure to the gods.

Today, I am going to share the proven method on
1) How to get your prayers answer?
2) How to pray effectively?
3) How to tune your mindset for prayers?

1st of all, to get our prayers answer, we must ensure that we MUST REMOVE ALL OBSTACLES 1ST BEFORE we got our prayers answer. Well, you might ask, you need to pray because you has bad luck now, thus you are praying!
NO, YOU ARE WRONG! Do you only eat vitamin C when you are sick! Thus the problem nowsdays. Only pray when in needs, got once the prayers answer, forget to share the gifts gods ha given to us.

To remove the obstacles, there are a few ways.
1) Pray to lord Ganesha.

Lord Ganesha , son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, is worshipped in Hindu Religion as the god of beginnings, knowledge, wisdom, intellect and remover of obstacles. One always starts any prayer, ritual or occasion by worshipping the Beloved Elephant God. Lord Ganesh blessings are also sought before starting any new venture. Lord Ganesha is also referred to as Ganapati, Gajanana, Vinayaka, Vighneshawar and Pillaiyar.

2) Repent

We suffer due to our bad karma.
Repent in front of gods, Bodhisattva, and Buddhas are good practise we should do everydays.
Avoid bad deeds, Do goods, purify your mind. That’s the teaching of all buddhas.

3 simple and effective steps for this:

:1) pray to di zhang wan pu sar for repent. Say your repent verses with true heart.
2) do a lot of good deeds. Promise to do good deeds after u are successful in life.

3) chant everynight.
Namo di zhang wan pu sar. *108 times
After that, say: may this merit be share with all beings in this universal, may them be well and happy.
May it be share with my past lives creditors,may them be well and happy.

2 key things

1)you must be sincere repent. Cannot do bad thing anymore.

2) when you are transfering the merits, you must be really sincere to wish them well.

So far, this method works very very well to clear personal obstacles and it free!

Below is info about the di zhang wan pu sar:

below is the chant:

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