Saturday, September 10, 2011

Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it

1) Why do people wants to go against our live path and our karma? If in many life times, we did many back things and in this life we are paying back and we are suffering and by wearing any of the amulet, and life changed for the better , isn't it we are defying God's wish.

Me: well, you can chose to stay and live with your bad karma, but my buyers some has family. I got a buyer, need to feed his children, his wife, and his parents. Total of 5 people including him need his money to stay alive and to has food to eat! AAnd you telling me you need to need to wait suffer due to bad karma to pass. I am not saying you need to bypass bad karma, but we leave the judge to the person. Some person just cannot wait due to the situation and since god is helping us by giving us this beautiful gift( powerful thai amulet), then why don’t we use it? At meantime, use the benefit that the amulets has bring us to help more people? I has so many buyers now has lead a meaningful life because their lives get better and start able to do more charity and more firm in believe in karma and god!

Let me tell you this, many many people has work very hard for their lives and end of day, they get nothing!

People are teach that whoever wants a job will get a job after they graduate, whoever works enough will have a good living- thats's not true! Let me tell you, there are people despite all that they do, cannot make it in life!!!

But life is short, times flies, if we don't act now and fast, chance will never come again! Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it. Good amulet will bring you happiness, create good chances for you in your life, make people like you!

So there is no doubt why we should not use amulets. There is nothing wrong for us to dream.

I has attached a beautiful and touching video below to share with you.

After reading this page, my wish is that you will be inspired to set out to pursue your dreams and can achieve your dreams with the power of faith. Hopefully, someday, you will share with me some of your stories.

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