Wednesday, April 25, 2012

1 eye coconut phra rahu bucha thai amulet

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"PHRA RAHU" the mythical god of darkness. Rahu is said to swallow from time to time his two brothers, the moon and the sun, and throw them out again. It is the popular explanation for eclipses. To ward off bad luck associated with Rahu's attempts to devour the sun, believers make offerings of black objects, black joss sticks are very popular offerings to God Rahu. In 1997, the Prime Minister Chavalit's wife, Khunying Phankrua Yongchaiyudh, sought help from Rahu, to keep her husband's coalition government in one piece. Seeking the blessing of Rahu to repel bad luck is a common practice.

This 1 eye coconut phra rahu bucha thai amulet statute is to be place in player room.

One eye coconut is the most prized treasure of Tantra. It is rare item and very much effective. It helps a man earn wealth and prosperity. Generally coconuts have three eye. It occurs no more than one time within several millions of normal coconut. It is suppose to be the emblem of Devi who bless you every thing that you want. very much more effective. Among thousands of coconut one only one has one eye. A must for in player room.

Benefit for: Business, Wealth, Family problems, Meditation, For Worship of God, Success in business and Finance. 

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