Thursday, April 12, 2012

Tap on the good year energy lp koon thai wealth amulet

Every year the energy of the cosmic change.
This year, is predicted to be a crush of energy.
There are some years, the energy are good, but there are over.
But there is a way to tap to these good energy years, in other words, despite that year is already over, but we can use has the good energy of that year!
Great master, lp koon, well known for his effective wealth fetching amulets has make use of this coin, which was produced in the buddha year 2517, to tap on that year good energy. This coin, produced by the thai government, has the king and the supreme Garuda with it.
That year, master know that year, 2517 is a great year.
So he want make a "money amulet".
Thus, this money amulet is born!
 Put this coin in your pulse or wear it like a normal amulet!
Money will flow in, luck will improve, leak of wealth will stop, bad luck will go away, good luck, good energy tap in this coin from year 2517 will flow into your body to bring you great fortune!
This amulet come with temple chop, in other words, is produce from the temple of lp koon, wat banrai and bless by him personally.

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