Saturday, April 7, 2012

Free From debt wealth Cloth

Kruba noi from wat si dong mu has been an expert of concentration of mindfulness in Buddhism way.
He studied magic from his master, lorng pu pin .Also, Kruba noi has been studied the art of making efficacious amulets and giving good blessing and chanting.
Kruba noi of wat si dong mu, Chiang Mai province is well-known among amulet collectors nowadays.
This Pra Kring is made by kruba noi of wat si dong mu.
This beautiful kring is made of old material and when shaken produces a ringing sound.People believe that hearing the ring from this pra kring amulet can bring you so much wealth in your lives through fame luck as well.
This pra kring Wu kar pak means forever rich, which means wearing this pra kring will be rich and not be in debt and poor.
This pra kring below is craved with serial code and yantra.
This is wrap in a gold casing and is very beautiful.This pra kring is properly blessed by kruba noi during a major ceremony at wat si dong mu.

This amulet is best for:

1) Business luck and sales luck.
2) Increase good luck everyday.
3) Never be in debt.
4) Never experience poor or poverty.
6) Protect the owner from enemies, danger, bad things.
7) Peace of mind and happiness everyday.
8) Able to be promoted in your job.
9) Able to attract more money making opportunity everyday.
10) Attract the right kind of opportunity and people to you.
11) Successful in everything that you do.
12) Well-liked by all.
13) Attract wealth and good luck from all direction of life.
14) poverty to richness
14) Overcome all barriers in life.

To be hang in house, car or alter table.

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