Saturday, April 14, 2012

Thai amulet Saturday Buddha Phra Naprok

Bless by Lp pae Wat Pikulthong, Singburi. 

One of the most respectable Thai monk was Somdej Pra Sangkarat Pae or known as Luang Por Pae among the Thai people during the period of BE 2432 to BE 2487 in Thai Temple. He had done lots of good deed during his monkhood and well respected by people who had paid tributes to him. LP Pae was age 89 in BE 2487 on 26th of November where he was laid in peace. He was born in BE 2399 on 12th of November during the period of King Rama 4. 
Luang Phor Pae passed away at the age of 94. His funeral and cremation was carried out under the patronage of their majesties the King and Queen.

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