Friday, April 6, 2012

Another Happy person

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Hi Bro Nayan,

Thank you for all the MP3 and the amulets. When I first received them from you its the most powerful feeling that I've gotten from any amulet. To all the people out there, bro nayan is the most helpful and friendly dealer I've met after running around in  and other areas. Its been really helpful and cases are starting to move now. Thanks alot for your help, I just pray that it'll continue and get better. I didn't find the ganesha amulet anywhere in your website, can you tell me the function? Can I have the address for the chao du temple? And if you have the rahu and phra phrom mp3 can you send them to me?

Thanks alot and I hope to get another few amulets from you soon for my mother and also for my ownself.

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