Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Another Happy persson

Hi bro this is my feedback for your powerful amulets. Have been wearing both your ah Peh and takrut for months. Things are getting smoother, people are more approachable and more friendly to me. It happened a few times and am so amazing that when angry cm is complaining and yet the very moment I walked up n spoke to them, tone and attitude changed friendlier almost instantly. Today is the 3rd day I wearing your force your way thru amulet, indeed for the 2 working days there are more enquiries and applications for my product. Thank u bro for all the advices and recommendation .i believe things will be better in the future.. Huat ah 


From cold lover to loving lover

Received a request from a buyer who want to bring her lover back to her. Her boyfriend have been very cold and wants to break up with her.  ...