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Money Drawing thai amulet (sold)

That time, i was visiting this temple when they say this master is very good at doing amulet that draw money for devotes.
This is how the story goes:

That time, this devotes of this master 
 is a treasure hunter and she makes her living finding things in antique shops, 2nd hand stores, flea markets , etc and reselling them. When she came to us for this casting, she had been in a slump, unable to find anything of value to resell. This had gone on for months.
The master told her bring home to get a particular fish which he keep in his temple pond. The master give her a particular timing and specific direction to keep the fish.
the Master told her  to feed the fish everyday and chant mantra in front of the fish everyday.
The devote listen to the master and follow is instructions.

The fish she keep at home look similar like below


Within 7 days, she bring great news! She had purchased an 18K ring with white stone at a 2 nd hand store for $40. The cashier told her that they thought it was either a white sapphire or plain glass.

She took it to the jeweler the very same afternoon for evaluation. Turns out that it was not at all a white sapphire, but really a diamond! After a full appraisal, her white diamond ring was valued at $90,123.00!
I meet her at the temple that day,

she told us about how she had been drawn to the ring and that normally, she would not have purchased it as it was quite homely in her eyes. But she really felt that the master magic spell work had pulled her to it and so she made the purchase.
Soon, more money flow in like water and getting money is never been hard to her.
But after 2 years plus, the fish died. Strangely, within 2 weeks after the fish die, a thief came into her house and robbed most of her   money and jewelry away. She knew something is not right and she immediately contact the master. The master asked her where is the fish and she said she buried under the garden behind the house.
The master told her to bring the fish to him and go and look for him again after 49 days.
49 days later, this Money Drawing amulet is born!



The master use the soul, body and ash of this wealth fish to make this money Drawing thai amulet.

This wealth fish, as long as you own any small portion of its ash or body, money or any form of wealth will be flowing to you like water. The reason is because the master had given the lady a special mantra to chant to the fish everyday.
Astrology star is involved.

Powder and ingredients in this wealth calling amulet:

1) Money calling powder. 

This en-spelled powerful powder is great for use in money spells and rituals. 

Often used by many magic master to do wealth calling ritual.
It can also be used to promote good luck and bring unexpected money.

Often given to devotes to master : sprinkle a tiny bit under your seat at the casino and watch the money roll in!!

2) Fast money herbs

To make money come faster than usual

3)  Prosperity water from various holy pond and caves water in temple

Bring abundance into your life with the help of various pond and cave water combined to attract the forces of abundance

And many more.....

The lady show me the one she is wearing.
She had encase into a very nice beautiful gold casing.
She told me that the 1st night she wear it, she dream of the fish sprinkle water to her face.

The next few days, the thief is caught by the police and the authority recovered all the items being stolen!   

Furthermore,  she no longer need to  a "treasure hunter" anymore.

After she had wear this amulet, her wealth increase many fold after selling those jewelry she collected since many years.

Thats the miracle part of this item, many people in the temple told me that somehow, money seem to find them in ways which they never expect!  (sold)

Question and Answer:

Q:Who is the master?

Answer: Buyer will be given the master information.

Q: What i has to do or what i has to take note for this item?

Answer: Only buyer will be given a details formula which contain what to do, what to take note, how to activate this item etc. 

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