Sunday, October 28, 2012

Nayan Did it again (black Warrior)

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I forgot to give feedback on the Black Warrior so here it is.

It is the best protective amulet I got from you so far.  Usually, protective amulets serve as warning device(Mercury) or reactive only when certain conditions are met (tigers amulet, diamond shield).  Other protective spirits are more territorial and would not watch outside unless asked or if it is under their dominion.  Black Warrior is not territorial but acts crazy.  He will make all hell break loose(warning) then put a scare on the owner then make situations under control.  Then put fear of god in enemies for good measure.


My family isn't known for communication.  We led different lives that we don't talk about it with each other.  Fine by me but when one is getting cheated on that affects the household is something that raises my hackles.  Our phone isn't working right and my da, who is not well educated bought cheaper unit from a 'subcontractor' of a telephone company.  This happened the whole 2012.  No dial tone and clients are complaining that we can't be reached.  I thought it was just bad service from the phone company.

Once the Black Warrior arrived, again, phone isn't working right.  But then, a 'subcontractor' immediately called if there is a problem.  Usually, my da answers the phone because I'm often outside but this time, I got to answer the phone.  This person said he lived nearby and to call him if there's any problem.  One would be thankful for that offer but not the Black Warrior.  It roots out the evil.  I told it to protect me from harm, failure, misfortune, accidents, deceit, enemies, and the law and powers of this land.  The subcon stumbled on his lies, i know from recent events that he deliberately disconnect our phone lines outside then call us if there is anything wrong so he can repair it, just pay him P1000.

I immediately ordered my da to not talk to this person, give me the phone number of this person, contact the phone company and have things in proper procedure.  I was about to complain and blotter this effer when Phra Ngan stopped me cold.  I can feel distinction between Phra Ngan and  KOON PEAN.  He said that let the man live in fear, knowing that I have power over him.  He will not be at peace and will know not to mess with me cuz I can make his life a living hell at anytime of my whim(Phra Ngan is delightfully wicked.  KOON PEAN is efficient and effective in his wisdom but this Phra ngan had a Machiavellian touch in him).

The phone is always in working condition after that.

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