Monday, October 15, 2012

I AM NOT GOING TO LOSE thai amulet (sold)

This highly active energy charm is going to set you far better than anyone around you.

Imagine when talking to your boss, you can’t talk properly. Your mind Is jammed! That’s goes your promotion.

Imagine you saw a pretty girl in the pub and you want to get her: when you talk, words seen unable to come out from your mouth. Your mind is Jam! That’s goes your date!

Imagine your are having a gathering with your friends, you want to join in the chat, but Your mind Is jammed! 
You don’t know what topic to start or don’t know how to join in the chat. You become left aside because of that!

Your boss asks you to perform some task, you has problem remember things, and your mind is jammed!
You seem unable to complete the report and end up, you lose the job!
You saw a rich customer come in to you, but your Mental Agility is poor, unable to convenience to close the deals, you lost the deals!

Many people unable to become successful not because they short of luck,or not hardworking!

But are because:

They do not know when to speak correctly to the boss, 

They do not know how to close a deal with the client by having good Mental Agility to speak well to client, 

They are not adaptable and flexible.

They lose to others because they are lesser intelligent from others!

They do not have good ideas to competitive with others in business!

Their mind is jammed!


I AM NOT GOING TO LOSE Thai amulet is here to give you VICTORY AND SUCCESS!

This charm is going to give you Mental Agility, Wisdom, and Memory Recall which brings you mental power, wisdom & intelligence, memory recall and mental strength.

A lot of times, we have seen the things or images. But we always forget. Thus, when we try to think of ideas to be different with others, we are lost! We run out of ideas not because we has NOT seen it before but we forget!

This Genetic Memory charm is ready for you to fill with your own thoughts & memories. It works to bring everything that is contained within your own mind into the amulet which can be used by yourself and/or passed down through your family for others to connect to you. You will not lose these memories in your own mind; the amulet is merely copying or making an imprint of them permanently on the amulet. It takes an instant and you can do it as often as you wish if you want to store new memories in the future. 

They improve memory, concentration, ability to focus on the task whole-hardheartedly, stamina to complete the task all the way through.

For some people, they find that they are unable to memorize mantras. This is very important when sometime in needs of emergency for help of some gods or amulets; we forget the mantras to activate them! 
End up you either got into big shit or you lost someone you loved! 

This charm is to help those in any place in their journey be able to remember mantras by heart, remember steps by heart, etc. 

This is really only the tip of the iceberg, even I have not yet begun to explore the depths of their powers.

They are blends of different mantras from more 9 masters from 9 different worlds inside that will free your mind & open you to new senses, experiences, and focus in your life! It makes your mind work quickly & secures your ability to have an agile presence with memories, memory recall, learning something new, understanding complex material etc.

An amulet work for multi-mind function; activating multiple areas of your mind for energy stimulation. You will find that this charm will activates different areas of your mind in a new way when you are involved in an action, task, thought process, etc. The purpose is to open you to new pathways, motivate & activate your creativity, and allow you to experience old situations & old tasks with a fresh & enlightened perspective.

The charm will also allow you to become more adaptable, flexible, and successful in all areas of your life. It opens your mind to take on the many changes you experience in life & to know the best decision to make in having a successful outcome.

You know how to speak correctly to the boss, your boss love you!

You how to close a deal with the client by having good Mental Agility to speak well to client, more $$$!

You are adaptable and flexible, success on your way!

You won’t lose to others because they are more intelligent from others!

You have good ideas to competitive with others in business; you have more business queuing up for you!

Your mind is cleared!

No people dare to challenge you or argue with you because they know no matter how hard they try, they seem more and more lower than you!

Your lover will love you more because your smart mind will know what words to make her love you more.

Its a charm for success and love!

I believe by end of your life, you do not want to label yourself for being idiot to accomplish great achievements in life!

Question and Answer:

Q:Who is the master?

Answer: Buyer will be given the master information.

Q: What i has to do or what i has to take note for this item?

Answer: Only buyer will be given a details formula which contain what to do, what to take note, how to activate this item etc. 

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