Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Amulet of dark mind

Phra Kun pean pai kunman types of human ash is being added to this powerful love charm to make it effective for prayers for lovers.

1) pregnant woman ash.
2) children less than 1 year old ash.

Precious stones or gems that are bury together with corpse is being added inside too to tap the energy from the dead people.

In thai, they call it the amulet of dark mind. 
The reason why this type of amulet is create to suit people with love issue, want more love and seeking more attention from lovers or people.
This type of amulet will help in:

As a love charm, make your lover love you more.
Make your lover turn his or her attention to you even more
Make lose love come back.
if you are single, will speed up make you able to find your love one fast. 
Like a magnet, will attract people to you, bosses, managers, colleagues, clients and customers will come to you.


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