Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Phra somdej Soak in holy water Lp Mee

LP Mee was born on 4 March 1911(B.E.2454) in Ayutthaya. He likes to learn magical knowledge. From the age of 15 year he was learned magical knowledge with his Uncle Khien who was a guru monk of Wat Baan Prao Nok, where LP Mee first started to study knowledge of Dhamma and magic. LP was an ordained at the age of 21 at Wat CharngLek, Ayutthaya province. LP was to become the close disciple of LP Parn(Wat Bang NomKo) who was knowledge of Metta Visha and Vipassana Meditation. LP Mee has been studied and helped LP Parn to make efficacious Buddha amulet by 3 year. Until his succeed Vish from LP Parn. LP Mee went to LP Jong of Wat NaTang Nok to studied Visha (magic) and Vipassana about 30 year.

LP went Tudong in the deep jungle and cemetery alone to gain knowledge, to build up good/karma and to know the teaching of Buddha about 7 year. Moreover, he learned with other guru such as LP Parn(Wat Bang NomKo), LP Jong(Wat NaTang Nok), LP Cham(Wat TaGong), LP Gob(Wat ThamKhaoSaLika) and LP OPaSri. In 1940, LP Mee had appointed an abbot of Wat Marnvichai, Ayutthaya.

The amulet of LP Mee is full of experience. Many people found miracle of LP Mee’s amulet in many ways i.e. invulnerable, safety, great kindness, lucky and good trading.

LP Mee passed away on 26 January 2000 (B.E. 2543) at the age of 89 year.

This batch of phra somdej is blessed by lp mee wat manwichai. I partically like this batch of phra somdej because this batch is blessed using the soaking in holy water batch.
The masters like this methods as the holy water is collect by master for many years and get from various places when he Tudong, and most importantly, he get it from various masters.
Thus, this phra somedej, can say it has received from blessings from many powerful masters!
Lastly, not to mention the scared materials in it. Master has put in all kinds of powerful herbs and powders that he has collected from deep jungles and cemeteries.

I got a buyer, she bought it with her when she was overseas. She sleep together with her friend in separate bed in the same room. Her friend told her that, middle of the night, she feel some invisible force has stand on top of her body which lead her unable to move. She think of whatever mantras she can memorize and chant, but useless. Suddenly, she saw this Somdej of the table beside her and she struggle to grab it. Luckily, she managed to get it and very surprisingly, the moment she got hold of it, the invisible force disappeared at once!



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