Friday, May 25, 2012

The Spiritual " Angel"

The name Kuman Thong, also translated as Gumanthong, and Kumantong, is the name given by a Thai monk.

 Kuman Thong means golden boy.

What exactly is a Kuman Thong?

Kuman Thong refers to the spirits of dead children or babies living in the amulets or statues.

When you hold the amulet or the statue, you may feel the power of the spirit.

These spirits are not evil spirits. Some of these children died from sickness, accident, miscarriage and abortion.
The monks in Thailand want to help the spirits of the children to get a better rebirth. The only way is to admonish them to do good deeds, and gain merits for a better life.

The monks in Thailand will make the amulets, and statues from the remains of the children or the cemetery soil.

They will chant to guide the spirits into amulets or statutes.

They will admonish the children spirits to do good, protect their owners, and keep them from harm.

What if the owners of these Kuman Thong amulets have evil intention?

In this case, both the owners and the Kuman Thong will have bad karma due to them. The owners will suffer more, since they influence Kuman Thong to do bad things for them.

Actually many owners are serving as good parents to these spirit children.

They take care of Kuman Thong as if taking care of their own children.

They buy toys for their Kuman Thong. They talk to the Kuman Thong.

 The purpose of having a Kuman Thong is to do good, so that both you and Kuman Thong can have good karma.

Many people experience a steady increase in wealth, and good relationship with others. Many people find that they have the kind of life they want.

They are at peace and happy with their situation in life. They attribute it to the Kuman Thong who helps them from the spirit world.

Keeping this   Spiritual " Angel" has the following features:

you no need to worry about your pocket $$$ anymore.
Business, sales, customers will keep come back.
You wont be bully or threaten by people anymore.
You can ease your mind for future as he will give you the necessary 6th sense about the bad thing that will hurt or harm you.
Place him at home, he will take care your house for you.
place him at your shop, he will catch customer for you.
place him with you, he will catch money for you
place him at your heart, you will be taken care off.
place him to fight against your enemy, he will become spiritual gangster.

Why this piece is good?

1) The material is make from 9 cemetery soil.
2) this piece is hand make, while making, the master chant to form this "The Spiritual " Angel".
3) the baby ash is place at the head or brain to him alive.
4) while molding his eye, he "open " the 3rd eye of this The Spiritual " Angel" to see thing or future  for you.
4) while molding his ear, he " create " super ear Sound amplifier.
The Spiritual " Angel" will hear sounds or voices that will pass beyond walls to fetch the necessary information for you.


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