Lp thuad aj nong wat sai kow

This powerful Lp thuad protection amulet is bless and make by Luang Phor Nong or aj Nong, wat sai Kow.
This master blessed Lp thuad is 1 of the top few Lp thuad source by lp thuad collectors.
The reason why collectors like aj nong wat saikow lp thuat is because he and Pra Ajahn Tim, were ordained on the same day, and naturally were good friends often helping each other on various missions, including an occasion in B.E.2497 when they both co-created the Luang Phor Thuad amulets. Phra Aj Tim blesssed lp thuat is far too expensive, thus, to has a equal power blessed lp thuat but at a lower price, people go for aj nong.



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