Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Underground connection (sold)

Nov 19 (THAINDIAN NEWS) The pictures are grim. Bag after bag of unwanted babies wrapped in white plastic with red markings. Over two thousand tiny bodies have been found in a Buddhist temple located in Thailand after a police raid on the place of worship which occurred earlier in the week.

It was first reported on Tuesday by newspapers that they had found 348 fetuses which had been wrapped in plastic bags, after the alarming smell had alerted police to be called to the Wat Phai Ngern temple located in Bangkok. The sum total soon soared as the search became more extensive, and hundreds more babies were found stored in the temple’s vaults, according to the Associated Press.

The Thai police stated that two of the morticians from the temple were hired by underground clinics to “get rid of” the babies, who had been aborted illegally. Suchart Poomee, who is one of the undertakers from the temple, admitted to collecting the dead babies ever since November of last year.

She and another worker were arrested and charged with concealing the cause of death, and hiding bodies, which can lead up to one year in jail. Lamjakorn Jantamanas, who is a employee for an abortion clinic faces up to five years for performing the abortions in an unlicensed clinic.

The master decided to do something to help the poor ones.
He want them to help you! He want you to help them!
He had bind all the few thousands soul in the golden boy statue inside!!! Yes, all of them! Countless assistant for you, countless hand to work for you, countless wish coming true! Left hand wish come true, right hand gain karma point for the poor souls, bonus= countless of them at your side waiting to grant your wish.
In addition, They are very fierce protector and will protect you and your family. (sold)

I ask the master, why dont you bind 1 soul to 1 amulet?
He say, by binding them all together, their abilities is x1000 boost in power and abilities. He need to cast a special binding for them to bind all the few thousand poor souls together. Its not going to be easy to bind so many of them together. He has drain a lot of energy due to that high power needed to do the special binding. To ensure that non of the them " is harmlessness to the keeper" he had invite a few forest powerful master to cast the "loyalty mantra"to ensure they help you hard endless( we as buddhist don't use the word work hard as we treat all beings equally). 

So pls, dont treat them like slave. They deserve our love, just imagine you are abandon and killed after you are born! 


Below of the amuletis the baby ash.

For many many years, child or baby spirit has been used as form wealth fetching and wish fulfill spirit.


Sample of other baby spirit.
Above picture got it from Reuters. Many people has risk lifes trying to get them illegally.

You no need to risk your life to get a good vast wealth fetching baby spirit anymore!

This "many hands, many legs, many spirits" golden boy thai amulet is being bind willingly into the amulet!
Thus, it is safe and effective! Use it with faith!

They are capable of granting the following powers and wishes to the person who own them











They are not limited to this list. Never be afraid to wish for anything small or large. Just wish, BELIEVE, and give them time to work for you. That's all it takes to open the door of them.

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