Monday, September 10, 2012

Phra Kunapean

Khun Paen grew up in Kanchanaburi Province, which would later become famous as being home to the “Bridge on the River Kwai”. Khun Paen was also a disciple of Arjarn Kong( Suphanburi ), a monk who was an expert in magical studies. The martial prowess of Paen, a monk-turned-soldier, brought him to the attention of king Phra Ramathibodi II who promoted him to the rank of Khun (general). Khun Paen is immortalized in an epic poem. It is said that he used his knowledge of “saiyasat” (magic) and yantras (magic diagrams) to perform amazing feats. Some of these include making himself impenetrable by weapons and invisible to his enemies, changing the open field his enemies were marching across into a labyrinth, and transforming the leaves on the trees into wasps to attack and sting his enemies. Khun Paen and his men practiced “powwana” (meditation) before each battle in order to focus their minds and center themselves.

 Thus, wearing phra Kuanpean thai amulet will give people a fighting spirit energy, good in charisma.

This phra Kuanpean thai amulet is more for luck, wealth, fighting spirit and great fortune.

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