Tuesday, September 25, 2012

An amulet I have never dreamt of having (Another happy person)

Dear Bro Nayan,

This Somdej Toh amulet has brought me immense happiness. I feel so
happy and light-hearted to have It. Upon the thought of having It,
even before reaching my hands, had already brought me tons of
happiness. I felt my mindfulness and wisdom grew stronger. Needless to
say, miracles happen when I first wore it. While throngs of drivers
were waiting for an empty parking space in a congested car park, I
find it unbelievable to be given a slot, not long after I went into
the car park when a car left in front of where I was waiting. While
visitors were waiting for an empty table at a café, I was blessed to
be given the most comfortable seat everyone had ever wanted, when I
just entered the café. I even dreamt of The Amulet in my dreams,
paying respect to the Amulet. Even when I decided to wear other
amulets for the day and leave Somdej Toh Amulet, I feel guilty. These
few examples are more than enough to prove the power of your Somdej
Toh amulet.

Thank you for realizing a dream I have never dreamt of. Such a holy
and scared amulet made under the hands of Our Revered Somdej Toh is
indeed a treasure to be found under the deep sea of ocean in this
current era. Yet, you have managed to obtain It, while millions are
longing for It. Indeed, you have good Paramis to have managed to
obtain It and even more so, willing to share with others. This object
is a precious gem, alongside with our Three Triple Gems. You have
brought immense happiness to the people here and I’m sure the
happiness you have given, will return to you. I truly appreciate your

Thank you Bro.


Item sold. email regard this item will not be reply.

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