Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Black warrior (sold)

This black warrior thai amulet is created by well known protective master to keep his devotees to prevent them from being step or bully by people. Very good for for protection, wealth, and justice. And the master like to see his devotees safe and happy.

What this black warrior going to do is to keep the person who wearing them safe and free from bully. Black warrior will do anything to ensure their owner safe. They are very black warrior that need owner to train them.

He will distract anyone away that will cause harm about their owners . At the same time he will protect their keeper from any bad things happen them. He will work tirelessly to ensure his owner is safe and happy.

Owners will be warned by the black warrior through many ways or forms. Some of my buyers told me that they dream of the road which they travel often to work. And true enough, the next day, that road had heavy traffic due to accident that cause the buyer to be late for work. he regretted for not trusting his invisible assistant\black warrior. (sold)

Very good for:

- block against bad stabber

- Block against accident or bad luck

- Will appear as a "double" of you to lead your bad luck, your enemy or harmful spirits away

- will warn you of all kinds of dangers

- will help you stay more protected and keep you on track to reach your highest good in life, even if that means altering your life path.

- guide you to more wealth

Questions and answer:

Q: How do I take care?

A: No need take care, just recite the sentence with me only 1 time and the 1st time when you got him, and he will take care of you forever. 

Q: Do i need to do offering?
A: Read the 1st Q&A.

Q: how often do i need to chant?
A: Read the 1st Q&A.

Q: You mentioned need to train. How to train?
A: I will discuss with you what you need in life and I will teach you how to train. Different people has diferent needs, thus different training method.

Q: is it very tough for the training?
A: Tell me what you want, then I will guide you what to do. Will take only less than 5 minute of your time for your whole life.

Q: Will him follow me when I die?
A: He follow you for???? you will reborn according to your karma and he will be release too after his job is done for guidance and protecting you.

Q: is it? I heard we will has problem dieing and he will be biting on to me and dont want let me die peacefully?
A: The person who told you has died?

Person reply: No, why you ask?
I reply: if he haven't die, then how he know??? 

Person reply: ???
I reply:  If i haven't meet you personally, I though I am speaking to a 3 years old kid who can cheat easily with some chocolate or sweets!!

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