Saturday, September 1, 2012

A more compact never be poor thai amulet

Due to more female devotes increase, Kubra noi out of compassion release a new version of Never be poor amulet.
This amulet is smaller, more compact, easier for women to wear.
According to the master, these few years, his mediation power had increase due to the high intensive retreat he had practice during the previous  rain retreat these few years. And he had added a few more powerful wealth mantra into it which make this amulet more powerful, more effective and more high energy.

Kruba noi from wat si dong mu has been an expert of concentration of mindfulness in Buddhism way.

He studied magic from his master, lorng pu pin .Also, Kruba noi has been studied the art of making efficacious amulets and giving good blessing and chanting.
Kruba noi of wat si dong mu, Chiang Mai province is well-known among amulet collectors nowadays.

This ult pa ku is made by kruba noi of wat si dong mu.

Come with beautiful Micro gold waterproof casing.

Ulu pa ku is believe to live under the water.
The reason why the head of this great saint is tilt 1 side because the sea level is below us and we are living above sea level.
So when we make wish to this Phra Ult pa ku, he will tilt his head to 1 side and listen to our wish and grant our wish.

Furthermore, the Phra Ult pa ku has 1 hand is putting inside his bowel preparing to give us his blessing, like luck and wealth and which mean as long as we pray to him, we will receive his blessing for career and wealth and money.

That why this amulet is very important and is 1 of the must have amulet for wealth to keep in your house or wear with you.

It will help you to have job all the time and have money all the time.
In thai, they call it kin bo sian which mean never finish eating or never be poor.

This amulet is best for:

1) Business luck and sales luck.
2) Increase good luck everyday.
3) Never be in debt.
4) Never experience poor or poverty.
6) Protect the owner from enemies, danger, bad things.
7) Peace of mind and happiness everyday.
8) Able to be promoted in your job.
9) Able to attract more money making opportunity everyday.
10) Attract the right kind of opportunity and people to you.
11) Successful in everything that you do.
12) Well-liked by all.
13) poverty to richness
14) Overcome all barriers in life.

The below of the amulet is stuff with wealth soil and varous stupa powder to enhance the amulet power and to speed up the process for the users to see effect. 

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