Sunday, September 9, 2012

Another happy person (Mercury charm show power)

Really weird stuff.  In Chinese tradition, this month is the time when gate to the underworld is open.  This month will be filled with disaster, accidents and death.  Crime rates are high as well as suicide or accidents.

I am barely attuned to it, having exposed myself to celestial and infernal world during my youth.  My ma?  Not so.  The thing is, I know this will be a bad month and she is weak astrologically.  I lent her the mercury, knowing wicked people will use this month to attack her.  Put the necklace on her when she goes asleep(yourstring .  and people are more vulnerable to witchcraft when they're sleeping). That night she felt heat in her whole body and she was sweating even though she was direct to the air conditioner at its maximum cold and blast.  Morning, the necklace comes off!  

I was shocked.  The string was tied 3 times!  Impossible for it to come off like that when my ma doesn't move a lot in her sleep.  I was angry and in war mode after that.  Enchant the friggin string and soaked it with blessed protective water.  Tied it NINE times, my number for harmful protection.  Done sweeps and offering to the house ground, expel troublesome spirits.

Place is so spiritually pristine that I wouldn't be surprise that animals liked to hang out outside my gate.  I don't know why I was fearful back then.  But I somehow found courage not to rely so much on others when I have cultivated gift for myself.  Put this stuffs into good use.

Thanks to mercury, it has somehow done its job.  I plan to give it to ma but I want mine to be a ring.  It would help vastly in my conquest as a bad ass sorcerer.

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