Friday, September 14, 2012

Find Money aid (sold)

This find money aid thai amulet is perfect for wearing and using whenever you need luck and money fast.The master had add in some Cambodia and thai mantra  make things change quickly. This would be great to use  if you have a looming bill to pay. You can also use this in conjunction with making wishes and other luck or wealth amulet to make manifestations happen faster.

Are you Jobless? Need a raise?

How about are you in need of the Midas Touch?
The help you see here
Have been bless and make to bring to you
All types of Luck Finding a job, Success,
Bringing in Raises,
And The Midas touch to turn
All your ideas turn to Gold.

To ease the mind of the worrier,
the master has also taken precautions
He had added this aid with a protections spell
To keep you from gaining profit from
The untimely demise of an innocent person.
No one wants bad karma
To go along with their cash. :)

Everyone needs a hand some times.
It's ok to ask for it.

The master name and information will be sent to the buyer via email. Please dont email ask me about the master information. Such email will be ignored. (sold)

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